2005 Commitment to Excellence Award Winners

The first Commitment to Excellence award winners were recognized during the 2005 Models of Excellence ceremony. The Penn Vet Team was acknowledged for extraordinary efforts during a virulent outbreak of salmonella at the New Bolton Center.

When the outbreak was discovered, staff and faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine, from the main campus and the New Bolton Center, pitched in for three months of backbreaking work to eradicate the organism from the premises. They donned masks, gloves and Tyvek® suits, and wielded brooms, brushes and power hoses. The entire hospital and the patient barns had to be scrubbed, disinfected, fogged, sandblasted and repainted, and the barn floors had to be dug out and reconstructed in concrete.

Dean Kelly recognized the extraordinary efforts that went into eliminating the Salmonella threat so rapidly, and so did the University. Therefore, based on Dr. Kelly's nomination, these staff and faculty were honored with the Commitment to Excellence award.