Commitment to Excellence Award

Learn how extraordinary leadership and creativity helped the Penn Museum capture 2012 Commitment to Excellence recognition.

The Commitment to Excellence program was introduced in 2004 to give Penn leaders a vehicle for recognizing outstanding work and commitment to University goals in the face of unprecedented external circumstances.

Commitments to Excellence

Achievements that have garnered recognition through the Commitment to Excellence program include:

  • The collaboration of several Penn departments to review, admit, and integrate Katrina-displaced college students into our environment in under two weeks.
  • The exceptional work of Penn Vet’s communications team when managing Kentucky Derby-winner Barbaro’s extensive treatment at the New Bolton Center—a story that captured national attention.
  • Cross-campus efforts to anticipate the effects of the H1N1 virus and successfully manage the pandemic at Penn.

In all of these cases, Penn faculty and staff demonstrated commitment and creativity by developing new and innovative processes during the course of their everyday roles.

The Nomination Process

Nominations must be submitted by the Vice Dean, Vice Provost and Vice President level or above and can be submitted as the special events occur. Nominations are not subject to the nomination timeline for other Models of Excellence awards.

All nominations should be in the form of a letter submitted to the Vice President for Human Resources, Dr. Jack Heuer. They must include:

  • A description of the actions for which the individual/team is being nominated
  • A description of the external circumstance(s) that required these actions
  • Contact information for the nominator, the honorees and their direct supervisors
  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • School/center
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Direct supervisor
    • Confirmation from each person’s supervisor that the individual was involved in the activity being nominated and that he/she is appropriate for Commitment to Excellence recognition.

    Notification, Awards, and Recognition

    Nominators will be notified of the status of their nomination after it has been reviewed for compliance with the goals and requirements of the program. If the nomination is approved, nominators will notify Commitment to Excellence honorees and their respective deans, vice presidents, and supervisors.

    Commitment to Excellence awards are given at the discretion of the nominator. The nominator funds the award, since Human Resources cannot anticipate these situations and fund them in advance.

    Human Resources will publicize the award across campus and arrange for the honorees to be acknowledged by the President at the annual Models of Excellence Awards Ceremony.

    Previous Honorees

    Learn about previous Commitment to Excellence honorees and their achievements.


    Contact Human Resources at 215-898-1012 or email.