2019 Selection Committee

  1. Rodolfo Altamirano, Penn Global
  2. Amy Ashbridge, Perelman School of Medicine
  3. Joy Azikiwe, Human Resources
  4. Melissa Bottiglio, Student Services
  5. Kimberly Bowers, Student Services
  6. Richard Cardona, Annenberg School for Communication
  7. James Choate, Information Systems and Computing
  8. Cathy DiBonaventura, School of Design
  9. Karen DiMaria, Facilities and Real Estate Services
  10. Ashlee Halbritter, Student Services
  11. Yuhong He, Student Services
  12. Heather Hersh, Student Services
  13. Gayle Joseph, School of Veterinary Medicine
  14. Thalia Mangan, Student Services
  15. Donna Milici, Information Systems and Computing
  16. Victoria Mulhern, Perelman School of Medicine
  17. Thomas Murphy, Information Systems and Computing
  18. Charity Payne, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  19. Ufuoma Pela, Provost's Center
  20. Magida Phillips, Business Services
  21. Greg Rost, President's Center
  22. Maureen Rush, Division of Public Safety
  23. Scott Schafer, Audit Compliance and Privacy
  24. Kevin Secrest, Audit Compliance and Privacy
  25. Joseph Shannon, Division of Finance
  26. Nadir Sharif, College Houses and Academic Services
  27. Lauren Steinfeld, Audit Compliance and Privacy
  28. Paul Weidner, Division of Finance

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