Résumé Development Tips

You can get help with your résumé and cover letter during a one-on-one consultation with the Career Coach (and you can return with drafts for feedback).

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Cover Letters

  • Target your skills and potential contributions for the employer.
  • Connect your skills and abilities to the job requirements.
  • Write well, and proofread.
  • Proofread again!


Good résumés include:

  • Education
  • Key skills and abilities
  • Work experience
  • Achievements, quantified where possible
  • Contact information
  • Personal interests relevant to the job

They do not include:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Family information
  • Personal interests that are irrelevant to the job


  • Highlight your skills and accomplishments in a profile at the top of your résumé.
  • Use a bullet format for easy reading.
  • Write clearly, and proofread!
  • Proofread again!

Many websites provide tips about and samples of résumés. Try JobStar Central or Job Hunter's Bible.