Metrics, Analysis, & Technology


Metrics, Analysis, and Technology is defined as the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes necessary to effectively contribute to and evaluate HR initiatives through the use of data analytics and modern technology. HR professionals who demonstrate competency in this domain identify and utilize the proper HR and business metrics to measure organizational outcomes, identify trends and patterns through statistical analyses and graphic representations of data, and use and advocate for cutting-edge technology.


  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Gathering
  • Technology Management
  • Data Advocacy
  • HR Data and Systems

Key Behaviors

  • Demonstrates the impact of HR activities on overall organizational outcomes through the analysis and presentation of HR metrics and business intelligence data.
  • Seeks a thorough, impartial understanding of a given situation while managing personal biases and preconceptions.
  • Uses thorough understanding of HR practices and Penn's operating model to structure analyses of strategic initiatives.
  • Promotes the use of data and analysis to support HR strategy and operations.
  • Collects relevant, useful data from primary sources, HR and IT systems, and external benchmarking.
  • Uses databases, BI, HRIS, and data analysis tools proficiently.
  • Correctly identifies which data points to consider when evaluating HR activities.
  • Implements, uses, and promotes technology that helps the HR function to be more productive and efficient.