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Why Penn Is Such a Good Place to Work in Tech

News from June 18, 2019

Calling all techies: Penn’s your next stop, a recent Penn Today article, explores the variety and depth of IT careers at the University.
Here are a few highlights:

“You are working with really, really smart people from a wide variety of fields and different perspectives, and you are able to bring your technology expertise into an area where it’s valued, useful, a lot of times unknown, and you are very often helping to solve legitimate, critical problems to make the world a better place,” says Kyle Cassidy, a technologist at the Annenberg School for Communication.  School for Communication. 

“Where the School of Nursing needs simulation, another school might need more [audiovisual],” says Nicole Torsella Harris, manager of talent acquisition and executive recruitment in the Division of Human Resources. “The schools customize the services, and there are all levels of jobs there, including IT managers and directors, data analysts, programmers, developers, just every kind of technology job you could want.”.... “If you want to change gears, want to get more on the management or data or infrastructure side,” Torsella Harris says, “you can do that without leaving campus.”

Visit the Careers at Penn webpages for more details.