Tuition Benefits for Spouses

Penn offers generous tuition benefits—not just for you, but for your family as well. Spouses of eligible faculty and staff can receive undergraduate tuition benefits at Penn.



Regular, full-time faculty and staff and limited service staff who have completed three years of service are eligible for dependent tuition assistance. If your three-year anniversary date falls on or before the cut-off date of a given academic term, you can receive tuition benefits for your spouse during that term. Otherwise, the spouse tuition benefit can begin in the following term. You must remain in your position after the cut-off date for a given term in order to maintain the benefit for that term. See the tuition policy for spouses for more details.


The spouse benefit covers a spouse who attends Penn for the pursuit of a Bachelor's degree only. The spouse must apply and be accepted into the Bachelor's program through Penn as any outside candidate would.

Once a faculty or staff member becomes eligible for the spouse tuition benefit, the benefit will cover a spouse who attends Penn for a maximum of eight semesters towards the attainment of his/her undergraduate Bachelor's degree. It will cover 50% of the tuition fee and 50% of the technology fee for those eight semesters.

The University does not offer spouse tuition benefits for non-degree programs or programs other than the undergraduate Bachelor's degree program offered by Penn unless you were grandfathered under the prior plan in 1997. If you believe your start date in an eligible position was prior to June 30, 1997, please email our office to check your eligibility.

Using the Benefit

Learn more about using the tuition benefit for your spouse.