FAQ: Benefits for Myself


Am I eligible?
When am I eligible? Is there a waiting period?
Can I get tuition benefits for courses at another university?
Do I have to apply to Penn to take classes?
Can I participate in any program at Penn?

What's Covered

Can I get tuition benefits for any and all classes I take?
Are “course units” the same as classes?
Do the courses have to be related to my job?
What if I want to add or drop a course?
Does the benefit cover penalties for dropped courses?
What if I drop or withdraw from a course after the course selection period, but the tuition benefit has already been paid?
How can I avoid financial penalties for a dropped course?
Can I take a course during my work hours?
Can I audit a course? Can I take one if I’m applying to, or not formally enrolled in, a degree program?
What do courses cost?

Applying for the Tuition Benefit

How do I apply?
When is the application due?
How will I know my request was successful?
What happens after my benefit amount is calculated?
How will I know when a payment is made?
Is a 12-week summer course considered Summer I or II?
Do I need to do anything about the bills I receive from Student Financial Services?

Tax Liability for Graduate Tuition Benefits

Is it true that my benefit is subject to tax withholding if I take graduate-level courses?
Are taxes based on my program or on the courses I take?
Could receiving tuition benefits put me into another tax bracket?
I take only one course unit per calendar year. Will I have any out-of-pocket costs?
Can I recover any of the withheld taxes?
How are the taxes deducted?
Do I pay the amount showing on the bill?
How can I tell how much will be withheld from my benefit payment as a tax payment?
What will my tuition bill look like?
What happens if I drop a course?

Questions? Contact the Tuition Administrator at tuition@hr.upenn.edu.

For questions about your tuition bill (charges, amount due, and payment options), contact the Office of Student Financial Services: 215-898-1988; 3451 Walnut Street 1st floor.

For questions about policies related to an academic program, please contact the coordinator of that program directly.