FAQ: Benefits for My Dependent Children


Can I receive tuition benefits for my dependent child?
Does my time as a post-doc, or part-time or temporary employee, count towards the three years of service?
How do I know if my child qualifies as a dependent?
Do I need tenure to be eligible?
Are my children eligible for graduate tuition benefits?
What are the tuition benefits for a dependent child?

What’s Covered

What does the benefit cover?
What about courses at another university?

Dependent Children Attending Penn

How much is the benefit?
How do I apply?
Is a 12-week summer course considered Summer Session I or II?
What happens after my benefit amount is calculated?
How will I know my request was successful?
When is the application due?

Dependent Children at Other Colleges

How much is the benefit?
Does the benefit cover the entire bill?
What does “line-item tuition charge” mean?
How do I indicate to the school that Penn will be paying a portion of the tuition?
What does the “status” of my request in the online tuition management system mean?
What happens after I apply?
When is the application due?
How do I know if the school is an accredited college or university?
Will the check arrive before the school’s payment deadline?
How do I apply?
What if the school doesn’t receive a check from Penn?

Tax Liability

Are undergraduate tuition benefits for my dependent children taxable?
I’m eligible to receive graduate tuition benefits for my dependents. What are those tax implications?
Where can I get more tax information?

Questions? Contact the Tuition Administrator at tuition@hr.upenn.edu.

For questions about your tuition bill (charges, amount due, and payment options), contact the Office of Student Financial Services: 215-898-1988; 3451 Walnut Street 1st floor.

For questions about policies related to an academic program, please contact the coordinator of that program directly.