Tuition Benefits

Impact of Tuition Reduction for Fiscal Year 2021

As a result of Penn’s reduction of Fall tuition by 3.9%, we have made modifications to the Penn tuition benefit to reflect this new tuition rate. Depending on your student category, please note the changes below.

For Penn employees using their tuition benefit:

The benefit will cover 100% of the rolled back tuition for two course units each term, for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

For dependents enrolled outside of Penn:

The benefit still will be computed at 40% of the previously announced 2020-2021 tuition amount for an undergraduate degree. This overrides Penn’s rolled back tuition in computing this benefit. 

Since many colleges and universities have continued to increase tuition for FY-21, we are using the tuition rate Penn previously committed to. This reduces any negative impact of tuition increases on the finances of these students or their parents.

For dependents enrolled at Penn: 

  • The dependent tuition benefit will be computed using Penn’s rolled back tuition amount. Because the cost of tuition has been reduced, there is no negative impact on the finances of these students and their parents.
  • For dependents in undergraduate programs, the 75% benefit remains and will be computed based on Penn’s rolled back tuition.
  • Dependents of employees hired prior to 7/1/97 are eligible for graduate tuition benefits.
    • The benefit for graduate students of the Perelman School of Medicine, the Dental, Veterinary, Law and Wharton Schools will be computed at 75% of Penn’s rolled back tuition.
    • The benefit for graduate students in other Penn graduate programs will be computed at 100% of Penn’s rolled back tuition. 

For Penn employees' spouses enrolled at Penn:

The benefit will be computed at 50% of Penn’s rolled back tuition for an undergraduate degree.

We recognize the financial challenges that you, your dependent children and spouses may be experiencing as a result of COVID-19 and will keep you informed of any tuition benefit updates.  For questions, please contact the Penn’s Employee Solution Center at HCMSolutionCenter@upenn.edu or (215) 898-7372.

We encourage you to take advantage of Penn's exceptional tuition benefits. If you're a full-time faculty or staff member in a benefits-eligible position, you, your dependent children, and your spouse can get tuition assistance here at Penn. Your dependent children are also eligible for tuition assistance at other institutions.

Tuition Benefits for You

You are eligible for tuition benefits for yourself after working in your full-time benefit eligible role for 6 months. The tuition benefit for faculty and staff covers 100% of the tuition and certain fees for up to two course units per term; it can be used for undergraduate or graduate coursework at Penn.

Tuition Benefits for Your Children

You are eligible for tuition benefits for your family after three years of service. The tuition benefit for dependent children covers 75% of the tuition and technology fees for an undergraduate degree at Penn, or up to 40% of Penn’s tuition for an undergraduate degree at another accredited college or university. This benefit also covers up to 40% of Penn’s undergraduate tuition for enrollment in postsecondary special programs* specifically designed for students with intellectual disabilities.

Tuition Benefits for Your Spouse

You are eligible for tuition benefits for your family after three years of service. The tuition benefit for your spouse covers 50% of the tuition and technology fees for an undergraduate degree at Penn.

Access the Online Tuition Management System

The easy-to-use Online Tuition Management System lets you apply for tuition benefits as well as track the status and history of requested benefits.