Eligibility and Vesting

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Eligibility for Retirement Plans

The eligibility tables below indicate which retirement plans Penn faculty and staff may participate in.


Retirement Plan Eligibility Tables


Vesting refers to your ownership of Penn’s contributions to your retirement plan account, which is determined by the length of time you have worked at Penn.

Original Hire Date Vesting Schedule
Before January 1, 2010 Immediately 100% vested
On or after January 1, 2010

100% vested after Three Years of Service, which is defined as:

  • monthly-paid employees - must work 36 months
  • weekly-paid employees - must work 1,000 hours per year for three years

Vesting is not prorated. You are 0% vested until you reach the thresholds above, after which you are 100% vested.

Note that vesting applies to Penn’s contributions only. It does not apply to employee contributions that you make from your pay.

Former UPHS Employees

If you were an employee of the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS), that time counts toward your vesting. To report any UPHS time to the Benefits Office, please submit a Verification of Penn-UPHS Employment form.