Retirement Savings Plan Considerations

Retirement Savings Plan Transition in April

In April, the retirement savings plans will transition to a new investment menu that will be hosted by TIAA. Investment funds from TIAA, Vanguard, and Blackrock will be on the menu hosted by TIAA. For more information, go to

As an active faculty or staff member, you were either eligible to participate in Penn’s Retirement Savings Plans or the Retirement Allowance Plan (RAP).

Basic, Matching, and Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) Plans

When you decide to retire, you will have choices to make regarding your retirement savings plans. If you were participating in the Basic, Matching, or SRA Plans, you may elect to receive a distribution of your account.


If you were investing with TIAA, you should call the Retirement Call Center at 877-736-6738 to discuss your options.


If you were investing with Vanguard, you should call Vanguard at 800-523-1188 to discuss your options.

Retirement Allowance Plan (RAP)

If you have a benefit under the RAP, you must contact the Human Resources/Benefits Office at 215-898-7282 approximately 90 days prior to your retirement date. A final benefit will be calculated and all of your payment options will be discussed at that time.