Retiree Dental and Vision Benefits

Note on Retiree Dental and Vision Insurance

The dental and vision offerings for retirees are not identical to the dental and vision benefits for active employees. You should carefully review the benefits covered and premium costs for the retiree offerings. Find more information on retiree dental and vision premium rates on the cost of coverage page.

Retiree Dental Insurance

MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP)

Enrollment in the MetLife PDP is usually only available to: 1) new retirees transitioning from an active employee dental plan to a retiree dental plan, or 2) retirees who elected dental coverage under COBRA at the time of retirement and either entitlement is ending or the individual opts out of COBRA coverage. However, open enrollment into this plan will take place every three years beginning with the 2011 plan year.

The MetLife PDP provides coverage when you receive treatment from any dentist or specialist you wish. Use MetLife preferred providers to save on out-of-pocket expenses since participating dentists agree to charge fees typically 10%-35% lower than the average charges in your area. For more information, contact MetLife at 800-GET-MET8 (800-438-6388).

Retiree Vision Insurance

VSP Vision Care

VSP is a comprehensive stand-alone vision plan.  This is a separate plan from the VSP for active employees, with different coverage and costs.  See the VSP Vision Care flyer for more information.

Contact Us

MetLife Preferred Dentist Program
(800) 942-0854

Vital Savings by Aetna (Dental and Vision)
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VSP Vision Service Plan
(800) 877-7195

Aetna Vital Savings - Discount Program for Dental and Vision Care

The Aetna Vital Savings Program is a discount program, not insurance. It is available to people who do not have dental or vision insurance coverage. The program provides discounts (an average discount of 28%) on dental care when you use participating providers. You will automatically have access to the Aetna Vision One discount program when you enroll in this plan. The Program also offers fitness discounts and natural products and services discounts.

Contact Aetna Vital Savings for more information at 866-368-4825; be sure to mention Promotional Code Number 882016015.