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Requesting a Leave of Absence

If you need to request Family Medical Leave (FML), you must initiate your request through Workday. Follow these steps to submit your request: 

Go to Workday “Time Off and Leave Application”
Click on “Request Leave of Absence”
Enter the “First Day of Leave” and the “Estimated Last Day of Leave”
Click on Leave Type “FMLA” and scroll through to choose the type of FMLA leave being requested

After you have made your leave request, you will receive a notice to contact Broadspire, Penn's third-party administrator for the leave process. Please note that your request is not complete until you contact Broadspire and provide them with certain required information. A Broadspire administrator will inform you of the information that is needed.  

You have two options for contacting Broadspire to complete the leave request process. As soon as your leave registration is complete in Workday, you can:

  1. Call Broadspire at 866-357-1122 to continue the submission, or
  2. Download and complete the appropriate intake form below. Email form to Broadspire at

Leave of Absence - Bonding  

Leave of Absence - Care of a Family Member

Leave of Absence - Military

Leave of Absence - Serious Health Condition

Leave of Absence - Pregnancy/Childbirth/Maternity