Supplemental Life Insurance

Full-time faculty and staff can purchase Supplemental Life Insurance of up to five times your benefits base salary. This supplements your Basic Life Insurance. Your combined Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance cannot exceed $1,000,000.

Coverage and Cost

You can purchase Supplemental Life Insurance, in increments of one-half your benefits base salary, for up to five times your salary.

You can elect any amount you want (up to the maximum allowable coverage) when you’re hired or become newly eligible for full-time benefits. After your initial election, you can only increase your insurance by the amount of your benefits base salary once in a plan year (July 1–June 30). So, if you start with Supplemental coverage twice that of your base salary, it would take three years to increase it to five times your salary. Take this into account when considering your initial Supplemental Life Insurance coverage.

If your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage exceeds $500,000, you must provide evidence of insurability (EOI) to the insurance company; you may prefer to limit your coverage so you don't have to submit an EOI. Your combined Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance cannot exceed $1,000,000.

You pay for Supplemental Life Insurance with after-tax dollars; the cost of coverage is based on your age and the amount of coverage you elect.


Contact the Penn Benefits Center
1-888-PENNBEN or 1-888-736-6236

The table below shows the cost per $1,000 of coverage for each age range.

Age as of July 1Rate Per $1,000 of Coverage
Under 30 $0.037
30 - 34 $0.049
35 - 39 $0.056
40 - 44 $0.061
45 - 49 $0.092
50 - 54 $0.141
55 - 59 $0.262
60 - 64 $0.397
65 - 69 $0.763
70 - 74 $1.382
75 and over $1.524