Dependent Life Insurance

Dependent life insurance coverage is available for your spouse and/or your eligible children if you’re full-time faculty and staff or a member of a collective bargaining unit.

Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents include:

  • Your spouse  
  • Your unmarried biological or adopted children and stepchildren up to age 26. (Your spouse’s biological and/or adopted children are eligible if they meet the age and dependent criteria.)

If both you and your spouse are eligible to purchase Dependent Life Insurance through the University, you can purchase policies covering each other. However, only one of you may purchase a Dependent Life policy covering your children.

Coverage and Cost

Coverage is $20,000 for your spouse and $10,000 per child. You pay for Dependent Life Insurance with after-tax dollars.

Dependent Life Insurance
 Annual RateWeeklyMonthly
Child $2.90$0.056$0.242
Spouse $19.07$0.367$1.589
Spouse and child $21.97$0.423$1.831


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