Dependent Life Insurance

Dependent life insurance coverage is available for your spouse/domestic partner and/or your eligible children if you’re full-time faculty and staff or a member of a collective bargaining unit.

Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents include:

  • Your spouse
  • Your unmarried biological or adopted children and stepchildren up to age 26. (Your spouse’s/partner’s biological and/or adopted children are eligible if they meet the age and dependent criteria.)
  • Your disabled children up to age 26. Coverage can be extended if you submit the following to Aetna within 31 days of your child reaching age 26:

If both you and your spouse are eligible to purchase Dependent Life Insurance through the University, you can purchase policies covering each other. However, only one of you may purchase a Dependent Life policy covering your children.

Coverage and Cost

Coverage is $20,000 for your spouse/domestic partner and $10,000 per child. You pay for Dependent Life Insurance with after-tax dollars.

Dependent Life Insurance
 Annual RateWeeklyMonthly
Child $2.90$0.056$0.242
Spouse $19.07$0.367$1.589
Spouse and child $22.06$0.424 $1.838


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