The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) provides you and your dependents the right to continue medical, dental and vision coverage, and participation in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account if coverage for you or your dependents is lost as a result of a "qualifying event". If a qualifying event occurs, you and/or your dependents will be offered continuation of coverage for a specified length of time. More detailed information about COBRA is available in the online Health and Welfare Summary Plan Description (SPD).

You or your dependents must notify the Penn Benefits Center within 60 days of the end of coverage, or from receipt of notification, whichever is later.  Coverage will not be reinstated until your first payment is received by the COBRA Benefits Administrator.  The University contracts with WageWorks to handle COBRA billing and premium collection:

P.O. Box 660212
Dallas, TX 75266-0212

The cost of coverage is 102% of the applicable premium. The first premium must be paid within 45 days of your election to continue coverage, and must cover the premiums due from the date of termination of coverage.


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