Tracking Time Away from Work

This page provides information for employees, supervisors and Paid Time Off (PTO) Management System administrators about how to track and manage time away from work. The University has several different types of paid time away from work, including paid time off, sick leave, short term disability, bereavement, and jury duty. It is also possible to take unpaid time away from work through a leave of absence without pay or military leave.

Time away from work is tracked differently depending on your employment status and where you work within the University. Time balances for weekly-paid, non-exempt full-time staff and part-time staff are tracked in the Personnel Payroll System. For full-time, monthly-paid exempt staff, some organizations use the PTO Management System, an online management system sponsored by the Division of Human Resources and Information Systems and Computing (ISC), while others rely on manual tracking. If you’re not sure how your organization operates, view a complete list of organizations that track time balances through the online PTO Management System.

Manual Tracking

Staff Members

Staff members whose time balances are tracked manually can request paid time away from work using this form. This includes all part-time staff, all full-time weekly-paid staff, and full-time monthly-paid staff in organizations that do not use the online PTO Management System.

Supervisors and Administrators

If you are a supervisor or administrator, the worksheet used to manually track time balances is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as an Adobe PDF. The supervisor or business administrator must enter time off for weekly-paid, non-exempt staff in the Personnel Payroll System on a weekly basis. The Personnel Payroll System will then update the staff member’s balances.

Online PTO Management System

Staff Members

Staff members seeking to access the online PTO Management System to track time balances, create or cancel a request for time off, view their request history or update their time management supervisor can access the system here (PennKey and Password required). Not sure how to use the system? This training guide can answer your questions. Guidelines and responsibilities for staff using the online PTO Management System can be found here.


If you’re designated as the supervisor of a staff member within the online PTO Management System, you will have access to additional functions within the system. These include viewing, approving or denying requests for time off, reviewing time off history for staff, and more. Supervisors who are themselves full-time, monthly-paid staff members in an organization that utilizes the PTO Management System may also access the staff member functions described above. Supervisors can access the PTO Management System here (PennKey and Password required). Additional information about supervisor functions within the system, and instructions on how to perform these functions, are available in this training guide. Guidelines and responsibilities for supervisors using the online PTO Management System can be found here.

PTO Management System Administrators

PTO Management System Administrators have access to a wide range of functions through the online PTO Management System. Depending on your exact level of access, these may include assigning time management supervisors to staff members, importing new users into the system, viewing staff members’ time off histories, and even designating administrators for specific organizations within the University.

For more information about the functions available to you as an administrator—and for step-by-step instructions on how to perform these functions—please see this training guide. Additional training on PTO Management System procedures is provided in this document. Administrators can access the PTO Management System here (PennKey and Password required). Guidelines and responsibilities for administrators using the online PTO Management System can be found here. Information on formatting the files PTO Management System Administrators use to import data to the PTO System can be found here. Information on how to manage staff in the PTO Management System can be found here.

Online PTO Management System Participating Organizations

As of October 1, 2014, these organizations use the online PTO Management System to track time away from work.


  • Staff and supervisors in PTO Management System participating organizations who have questions about the PTO Management System should contact the respective PTO Management System Org. Administrator for their school or center.
  • PTO System Org. Administrators that need assistance on technical questions and issues should send their inquiries to
  • Questions about time off policies should be directed to Human Resources at 215-898-6093.