Merit Increase Program

Penn’s merit increase program recognizes and rewards the contributions of our faculty and staff to the University’s commitment to the highest levels of excellence in teaching, research, and administration by paying market-competitive salaries in a fiscally responsible manner. Each year, the University establishes a salary increase pool, based on market trends and economic conditions, which Schools and Centers use to fund their merit increases.

Staff salary increases are based on performance. A performance appraisal must be completed for each eligible staff member to support his/her merit increase; the percentage increase awarded should be correlated with the performance rating.

Eligibility for Merit Increases

Staff members in exempt and non-exempt positions (i.e., monthly-paid staff members on salary compensation plans and weekly-paid staff members on hourly compensation plans ), excluding those in bargaining units, are eligible for the Faculty/Staff Merit Increase Program if they are employed in full-time or part-time positions on or before the last day of February. Faculty eligibility is determined by the Deans and department chairs in each School or Center.

Individuals in the following classifications are NOT eligible for the Merit Increase Program:

  • Student workers, interns, and residents
  • Occasional and temporary workers
  • Staff on unpaid leave of absence
  • Staff on long-term disability
  • Staff in collective bargaining units

For general questions regarding the Merit Increase Program, please contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at 215-898-7372.