Getting Paid at Penn

You have a choice to receive your pay through either Direct Deposit or the ADP Aline (formerly TotalPay) Card system. Both methods are safe, secure and convenient, offering immediate access to your pay.

Direct Deposit is a quick and easy option if you prefer to have your pay deposited into your personal U.S. bank account every payday. You’ll have immediate access to your funds. Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Alternatively, you can use the flexible ADP Aline Card system. This includes a Visa®-branded debit card, self-service checks and a personalized online account. Payment is automatically loaded into your Aline Card account every payday, providing immediate access to your funds. Neither a bank account nor credit approval is required. Use the Aline Card as a debit card for in-store and online transactions, to pay bills online, to withdraw money from ATMs, and to get cash back after purchases. You can also cash a check for the full amount of your pay, or write checks (provided by ADP) against your account balance.

Learn more about your payday options.