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433 Franklin Building

3451 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6205

Phone: 215-898-1317

Fax: 215-573-3898

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Contacts and Areas of Responsibility

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NamePhoneArea(s) of Responsibility
Sharon Jacobs215-898-1308

Audit, Compliance and Privacy
EVP, University

Louise Pedraz215-898-1362

Annenberg School for Communication
Development & Alumni Relations
Division of Public Safety
Graduate School of Education
Office of the President
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Dental Medicine

Julie Van Duzer215-898-7906

Business Services
Facilities and Real Estate Services
Morris Arboretum
Residential and Hospitality Services
School of Nursing          

Melissa Halpin215-898-1366Perelman School of Medicine
Elaine Spiro215-898-3420Information Systems and Computing
Law School
School of Veterinary Medicine
Wharton School
Susan Curran
Kathy Swartz

Annenberg Center
College Houses and Academic Services
International Programs
VPUL (Student Services)

Amy Chapman215-898-1332

Division of Finance
School of Design
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
School of Social Policy and Practice
University Libraries

Jennifer Salwach215-898-1317Administrative Coordinator