Compensation: Pay and Performance Rewards

Penn offers a comprehensive total compensation program that includes competitive salaries as well as generous health and welfaretuitionretirementcareer developmentoverall wellnessfamily and time-off benefits.

Penn’s Compensation Program

Penn’s compensation program is designed to pay you competitively. That’s why it has these objectives:

  • Evaluate jobs consistently and fairly.
  • Classify University staff positions in the appropriate pay grade, with salary ranges that are competitive for comparable positions in the external job market.
  • Regularly measure the external market value for comparable jobs and adjust salary structures accordingly.
  • Create and support a system that provides flexibility to managers in pay administration and to staff in career development.


Performance Management Programs

Penn has performance management programs for newly hired staff, staff who transfer positions internally, and an annual performance appraisal program for all staff.

Performance and Pay Increases

Pay and performance are closely linked. The University has a performance-based merit increase program to recognize the valuable contributions of our faculty and staff. Each year, salary increases may be awarded based on performance. The Performance and Staff Development Program (annual staff performance appraisal process) promotes effective job performance, establishes career goals, supports professional development, and provides a structure for salary growth.

Time Reporting (for Weekly Paid Employees)

The University's pay practices and procedures are governed by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The University is committed to paying its employees in accordance with the requirements of FLSA, relevant state and local laws, and University Policy.  The University's electronic timekeeping system, eTimeSheets, is available for all Schools/Centers that have weekly paid employees.

Some benefits of eTimeSheets include:

Automated feed to Payroll

Automated Overtime calculation

Compensatory Time Management

Time Off Balances

Overtime Compensation and Compensatory Time Policies can be found here.

For Schools/Centers to learn more about eTimeSheets, click here

For individual Employees with eTimeSheets questions, please contact your organization's Business Administrator.